Weekly Pre-Events: Startup Weekend (with special guests)


Lafayettech HUB is organizing weekly meetups for local entrepreneurs, to educate more about the upcoming “Startup Weekend” event scheduled for February 10-12, 2012 in Greater Lafayette.

Special guest, Jan 16: Patrick Nycz (@pnycz)
Patrick will offer a thoughtful talk on a topic we’ve heard many local entrepreneurs expressing interest in learning more about: “10 Steps to Marketing a Startup v1.0: The Story of Potential” – the approach is related to both customers and investors. Patrick will also be a mentor at the upcoming Startup Weekend event.

Special guest Jan. 23: Christopher Beltran (@beltranchris) of Passageways. Chris plans to cover these topics and Q&A session: Leadership in Startups (Leading a group of people towards a vision in a small startup requires a different set of skills and a nontraditional approach to leadership than in larger companies. Join us and learn more about leading a company from day one.) and Pivot or Persevere (If there is one thing startups have to do right more often than not is to learn when to pivot. This is oftentimes one of the most challenging lessons learnt. Join us to find out about knowing when to change direction and making the hard decisions that come with those changes.)

Special guest Jan. 30: Michael Wilson of Pfizer. Michael’s topic make sense to any savvy entrepreneur: “11:11 {Even a broken clock is right twice a day}”.

Special guest Feb. 6: Xiyang Chen, amazing local software developer, participant at previous editions of the Startup Weekend in Indianapolis. He will share his thorough experience with kicking off neat tech startups.

Weekly chances to win free attendance to the SW event or a book: “How To Take A Company From Concept To Creation In 54 Hours”, by Marc Nager, Clint Nelsen, Franck Nouyrigat, co-directed by StartupWeekend.org. Check out the previous winners here.

Learn more on the hub’s group on Meetup: meetup.com/Lafayettech.