Million Dollar Ideas


Why would I share my million dollar idea with a bunch of strangers?

That’s a question I’ve asked myself about coming to startup weekend. I think I have an answer. It might surprise you though. If you really have a million dollar idea, then don’t share it at Startup Weekend. But you only have a million dollar idea if someone has actually given you a million dollars for it because ideas are worthless. If you have the million dollars, then your VCs and partners probably won’t appreciate you breaking NDAs with all of us.

So just because your idea isn’t (yet) worth a million dollars there still five reasons to come share it with everyone at Startup Weekend.

  1. Your mediocre idea + somebody else’s mediocre idea = Brillance!
  2. Getting shot down at startup weekend might save you months of working alone in the wrong direction.
  3. Getting your mom and best friend to help out with your startup idea is easy. Get a couple of strangers to spend 54 hours over their weekend tells you that you might just have something.
  4. Your final business will look nothing like your initial idea. Get through the first iteration (or two!) as quickly as possible.
  5. Leave the weekend with more than just an idea. Leave with a business. Now that’s worth something.