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Apr 11
  • Registration Starts
  • Welcome and Speakers
  • Break and Special Presentation
  • Pitches Start
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Teams start forming and discussing ideas
  • Start to formalize teams and take an inventory of skills. Be honest, and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the weekend. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


Apr 12
  • Call for needs & skills
  • Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!
  • Dinner and Speaker
  • Mid weekend check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Work Late Into the Night


Apr 13
  • Call for help (this is self motivated, so don’t be shy)
  • Coaches arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Gut check. Start prepping for presentations
  • Judging
  • Wrapup
  • Dinner and AfterParty at MatchBOX
Hosting and Event Partners

Michael Wilson

MICHAEL WILSON is a faculty member and Ph.D. candidate at Purdue University in the College of Engineering. He earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters from the University of Chicago, his broad research interests include Engineering Education, Network Science, and Modeling Human Sociometrics. Wilson is also an Adjunct faculty member at Ivy Tech teaching the signature Entrepreneurship and Enterprise 101 course. In industry, Mr. Wilson serves on various Boards, Consults to Fortune entities, and invests in various technical startups.

Platinum Sponsors

Greg Deason

Vice President - Purdue Research Foundation and Executive Director - Purdue Foundry

Greg Deason, Vice President - Purdue Research Foundation and Executive Director - Purdue Foundry, leads the team that is accelerating startup activity at Purdue University.  The Foundry is dedicated to providing robust resources to inventors and entrepreneurs leading to new company formation, ideas to the marketplace and job creation.  The Foundry was announced in June of 2013.

Previously Mr. Deason served as the Executive Director of the Purdue Research Park where he led the team that transformed the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette into an engine for Indiana's economic development initiatives. Mr. Deason was instrumental in the creation of Purdue Research Parks in three other locations in Indiana beyond West Lafayette and also the creation of the Purdue Technology Centers Complex – the largest university-affiliated business incubator complex in the country.  During Deason’s 18-year tenure at the Purdue Research Park, the statewide network has grown to more than 200 companies and over 4,000 jobs, providing an annual impact of $1.3B to the Indiana economy.

In recent years the Purdue Research Park has received many awards. Included in these accolades are the Outstanding Science/Research Park by the Association of University Research Parks and Indiana's first Certified Technology Park. On two separate occasions companies in the park have been awarded prestigious "Graduate of the Year" honors by the National Business Incubation Association as well as their prestigious “Innovation of the Year” award for the Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy. In addition, the Purdue Research Foundation, owner and manager of the Purdue Research Park, has received TechPoint's MIRA Award for outstanding professional service to high-tech firms. Most recently the park was honored with four international Excellence in Economic Development awards for Technology-based Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Partnerships with Educational Institutions, and Regionalism and Cross-Border Collaboration by the International Economic Development Council.

Mr. Deason has served on the Board of Directors for the Association of University Research Parks where he is the Past President.  He is also a past member of the Purdue University Dean’s Advisory Council for the College of Agriculture and was awarded the Distinguished Agricultural Alumni Award in 2010. Deason has earned an international reputation as a speaker and educator on research park operations and development, incubation of high-tech businesses and strategies for leveraging university assets to grow high-tech companies. Before joining the Purdue Research Foundation, Mr. Deason served his alma mater, Purdue University, in business administration and sponsored program management. He also has experience in banking. 

Michael Zentner

Senior Research Scientist Purdue IT

Entrepreneur in Residence, Innovation and Commercialization Center

Michael Zentner has been a senior research scientist in Information Technology at Purdue for 3 years, where he is leader for the big data exploration applications group (BigDEAP). His research includes behavioral analysis in online communities and data mapping, analysis, and visualization in healthcare. He also serves as assessment team lead for the Network for Computational Nanotechnology.

Michael also serves as the Innovation and Commercialization Center's Entrepreneur in Residence. His role is to work at the intersection of innovators, entrepreneurs, customers and investors. Prior to joining Purdue, he has been a founder and senior team member of several entrepreneurial ventures in the West Lafayette and Denver communities, both self-and venture capital-funded, and has consulted extensively with Fortune 500 companies on strategic initiatives. In these settings, he has created novel methods for manufacturing schedule optimization, supply chain design and optimization, collaboration, automated process discovery, combined unstructured and structured text and data analytics, and consumer oriented web interfaces. Based on these experiences and having been a primary creator of intellectual property, Michael is enthusiastic about helping innovators position for customer opportunities and helping customers and investors recognize novel value in emerging innovations. He also helps entrepreneurs work through startup issues as their ventures form and grow.

Michael has a BS in Chemical Engineering with Distinction from the University of Illinois, and an MS and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University. In addition, Michael holds an MBA from Purdue's Krannert School of Management and an MBA from the TiasNimbas Business School of Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

Steven F. Rosenberg

Sunrose Company, LLC

Since 1992, Mr. Rosenberg has been managing partner at Sunrose Company, LLC, a private equity investment firm located in Carmel, Indiana. Sunrose focuses on intellectual patents regarding commercialization in the marketplace. Mr. Rosenberg focuses on strategic & tactical planning/execution, detailed contract negotiations, debt & equity financing, multi-million dollar project management and organizational turnaround in dealing with fast growth to high potential growth companies.

For over 19 years Mr. Rosenberg has provided executive, leadership and management experience including roles as CEO, COO and CFO. Mr. Rosenberg recently served a three-year term as a board member for Centric / Indiana Innovation Awards, as well as serving on numerous boards of directors with various local Indiana and regional organizations. Mr. Rosenberg served as a two-year judge for the Edward Lowe Foundation, Indiana Companies to Watch business competition, a three-year judge for Launch Fishers / Entrepreneurial Advancement Center – FlashPoint Business Competition, plus additional business competitions.

Gold Sponsors

Don Stocks

Strategic Management Consultant

Don Stocks is a strategic management consultant who specializes in helping early stage startups succeed and established enterprises enter new markets. His leadership and information technology experience spans Fortune 100 enterprises, medium-sized firms and startups. Mr. Stocks was the VP of Technology for Inc. Magazine’s 30th fastest growing firm in 2003 and has launched two ventures of his own. He is an active in the greater Lafayette entrepreneurship community serving as a mentor and adviser. He is a member of the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra board of directors where he also serves as the treasurer and chair of the finance committee. He holds a BS in Management and an MBA from Purdue's Krannert School of Management. His interests include fitness, nutrition, music, anything tech and (sometimes) golf. He relocated from northern California to Lafayette, IN with his wife Ronda and his son Adam in 2006.

Daryl Star

Founder,   |  

Daryl Starr is a local entrepreneur. He has both started and purchased, sold and dissolved companies. His current company, Advanced Ag Solutions launched and was a Techpoint Mira Award finalist for Innovation of the Year 2013. Starr was also named among the 40 under 40 persons in agriculture by Vance Publishing. He is passionate about utilizing technology to help feed the growing world population. He is also a board member of Crosswalk Project, Inc a 501-c3 non-profit on campus of Purdue University. He enjoys helping people launch real companies through bootstrapped methods that require a mix of creativity and practicality.

Mikel Berger

Partner, DelMar Software Development, President, Lafayettech   |  

Phil Wright

Owner, Accent Consulting Services, LLC   |   LinkedIn

Phil Wright is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to solve complex real-world problems that businesses face by using technology to reduce cost, automate, and simplify. His experience spans over six technology based startups that he has founded or co-founded. Over the past decade, he has helped grow these firms to employ more than 50 people, raising over 1M in capital, acquiring three competing companies, and successfully exited two companies one of which was sold to a publicly traded company.

Phil's latest venture is the CEO & Founder of IntelliHire, LLC an internet startup that provides a service dedicated to efficiently assisting employers in their search for qualified job candidates. IntelliHire has developed an automated interviewing system that significantly reduces the time and expense associated with the hiring and recruiting process. IntelliHire was selected by Startup Weekend as an emerging startup to present at SXSW in March of 2013.

In 2013 Phil partnered with three successful entrepreneurs to establish Founders Colony, a startup accelerator based in Lafayette, IN. Founders Colony helps the next generation of entrepreneurs accelerate their startup from concepts into successful and profitable businesses. Each startup accepted into the program is funded with up to 25K in capital and up to 75K in partner services.

Since 2003 Phil has served as the CEO & Founder of Accent Consulting Services, LLC. Accent Consulting is a leading provider of computer consulting, software development, cloud computing, and managed IT services for small and mid-sized businesses in the greater Lafayette area. Accent Consulting has supported over 350 businesses in 20 states over the past 11 years.

Phil also currently serves for two non-for-profit companies, Lafayettech, Inc. as Vice President and Startup Weekend, Inc. as an Organizer and Facilitator.

Nelu Lazar

Founder Lafayettech, K12TECH, & Nehloo Interactive   |  

Nelu Lazar’s work is spread across several domains. He is an engineering team lead in automotive technology industry by day, and also a technology
evangelist, tech community projects activist, software developer, entrepreneur and startup consultant in his free time. Nelu founded Lafayettech in 2008 as an educational platform for local businesses and startups in Greater Lafayette to integrate new technology, and also as a way to interconnect and mix local businesses with emerging startups and with students and with local talent in a co­working environment. Nelu founded Lafayette’s first brick & mortar Tech HUB in 2012 that offered co­working activities and that was the driver for additional amazing local efforts for economic and technology development in this area. The Tech HUB was the outcome of years of planning together with a handful of other important local leaders and co­working supporters. Nelu leaded past editions of local Startup Weekend, and initiated large tech conferences in Greater Lafayette by leading Lafayette Digital Media Conference, Lafayette Facebook Conference, and a series of Startup Showcase events highlighting successful local tech companies. Focused on the education reshape trend, Nelu also extended Lafayettech’s efforts to K12, by founding K12TECH ­ a community group of Greater Lafayette's teachers (STEM, etc.), educators and parents that plan to see our children growing to help build cool innovative creative products "Made in Lafayette". Whenever he had a chance over the years, Nelu shaped Nehloo Interactive as a software development company, and launched several new software products and brands from scratch and leaded their product management process from concept idea to development and market launch. Under Nehloo Interactive, he also consulted startups and businesses on product management, technology integration and business development, and worked on developing their custom software apps. Nelu loves working with innovating talented people and helping people and startups understand their path options to success.

Prize Sponsors
Nehemiah Wyant
Ashley Scott

Congratulations @ourNextRound!

by Nelu Lazar

Congratulations to the winners of Greater Lafayette’s Startup Weekend: NEXT ROUND (@ourNextRound). We’ll meet tonight at Lafayettech HUB to review […]

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